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  • Aerea Descrizione

The Pousada Fazenda Caeira is a relaxed and private area of 6 hectares, located in the middle of the Fazenda Caeira’s coconut plantation of over a 100 hectares. The hotel structure is divided in two distinct facilities, the first one located on the Third Beach and the second one at the very beginning of the Fourth, each with their private access to the beach. Both facilities provide their guest with the privacy and space needed for a relaxing holiday, while being only at a few minutes walking distance from the animated Second Beach.

Terceira Praia

  • M3° (4)

Located at a five-minute walking distance from the bars and restaurants of Morro de Sao Paulo, the 18 apartments sitting on the Third Beach are the perfect option for those who want to stay near the centre but, at the same time, are looking for a peaceful holiday close to the beach. The incomparable quietness of sunset at its swimming pool bar together with the natural beauty of its tropical garden, or the stunning ocean view offered by its Máster Luxo Superior apartments make you feel in a tropical paradise. Three room categories, namely Máster, Máster Luxo Térreo and Máster Luxo Superior are found at this section of the hotel and are close to the swimming pool. The hotel's restaurant, Recanto do Aviador, serves its meals on the former residence of Fazenda Caeira at a very short distance from the apartments.

The Máster LuxoTérreo and Máster Luxo Superior categories are located at a thirty-metre distance from the sea and are close to the swimming pool and the restaurant. Overlooking the magnificent tropical garden and facing the ocean, the Máster LuxoTérreo apartments are suitable for families, whereas the breathtaking sea view that can be appreciated from the verandah of the Máster Luxo Superior rooms make this category ideal for couples and honeymooners.

The Máster apartments have a wonderful view to the tropical garden and are located at a distance of 70 to 90 metres from the beach. The proximity to the coconut plantation gives these cozy rooms a rustic air preferred by those who are in search of a country-style stay.

Quarta Praia

Accommodation on the Fourth Beach is ideal for those willing to discover what life at a coconut plantation is really like. Getting up to the soothing melodies of the birds that inhabit its trees, drinking coconut water directly from the plantation or having a delicious home-made breakfast with ingredients locally produced make the stay at Fazenda Caeira Quarta Praia a more natural option.

Both room categories, namely Máster Quarta Praia and Máster Luxo Térreo Quarta Praia, stand on the ground floor at a thirty-metre distance from the sea. The guests at Fazenda Caeira Quarta Praia have free access to the facilities sitting on the third beach, such as the swimming pool and the restaurant but, for them, breakfast is served directly at the canteen bar of the fourth beach. Furthermore, they can use the Land Rover that belongs to our neighbouring hotel, for the check-in, the check-out (after 10 a.m) and to go to and come back from town daily between 18hs and 23hs, with no extra cost.